Subaru Bringing S209 Performance Sedan to U.S. Market

Subaru unveiled its first-ever S209 for the American market – a top-level performance sedan for the automaker. As the halo brand for the Japanese automaker, ā€œSā€ models have never been sold in the U.S. The S209 is due to arrive on American shores later in 2019.

The car features a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged boxer engine the company claims will produce 341 horsepower. A six-speed manual is rumored, but not confirmed at the reveal.

The car stands out from the traditional 209 sedan with a large hood scoop and fender flares, a carbon fiber roof and large pronounced rear wing.

The company claims the car will top 1.0-g on the skid pad, better than any previous STI performance variants of the 209 in Japan. The limited-edition S209 will come in two colors, Subaru racing blue and pearl white.

Subaru also announced rally driver Scott Speed will join the factory team for American Rallycross.

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